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Урок на блоге: "English-speaking countries" - for the 5A

The topic of the lesson: "English-speaking countries"
  • English as a native language
  • English as a foreign language
  • Why I learn English language
1. Watch video

2. Проверка дом. задания: совместная презентация "Words and definitions"

3. "English-speaking countries": watch video and fill the table

4. Домашнее задание на 02.12.14
Совместная презентация: "English planet"

вторник, 25 ноября 2014 г.

"How much do we know about Britain?" for the 6th form students

The project of the students' of the 6A

The UK
Get ready to give the most important information on these:
1. the geographical position of the UK
2. the political sistem in the UK (the Queen and Parliament)
3. The Romans in Britain (the Tower of London)
4. The Great Fire in London
5. London - the capital of the country
6. London's places of interest
7. British traditions and holidays
Совместная презентация учащихся
Task for the students of 6V: 
Study the material of presentation and answer the questions

Результаты теста.

Home task for 5A: Words and definitions

Картинки по запросу Longman WordWise Dictionary 2nd edition

Use your WordWiseDictionary. Find the definitions of the words. country, language, nationality, native, foreign

совместная презентация "Words and definitions"