3 класс

1. Simple Present, Simple Past, Continuous Present. - правила и упражнения
2. QR-code test: Simple Present
3. Qr-code test: Continuous Present
4. Степени сравнения прилагательных - правило
5. QR-code test: Степени сравнения прилагательных

Темы, диалоги для устного зачета на 2017-2018 учебный год
Распечатать темы и диалоги можно здесь (тема) и здесь (диалог)
Topic 1: My family
1. Your name, age
2. What members you have got in your family
3. About your father and mother
4. About your sister or a brother
5. What you want to be
Topic 2: Sport
1. Why sport is important for us
2. What kinds of sport  you know
3. What sport you like to do
4.What games  you like to play
Topic 3:  Food
1. Where food comes from
2. What we get from plants
3. What countries food come from
4. Remember to eat the right food
Topic 4:  Christmas
1. When  Christmas Day is
2. How people decorate their houses
3. What people write and send for Christmas
4. What traditional Christmas dinner is
Topic 5: Pets
1. Pets are our friends
2. Why pets give us pleasure
3. What people can do for pets
4. What people must do for them
Topic 6:  At the Zoo
1. What animals there are in the Zoo.
2. With whom children go to the Zoo.
3. What children can do in the Zoo.
Topic 7: Clothes
1. The weather is different in different season
2. What people wear when it’s hot
3. What people wear when it’s cold
4. What you usually wear
Topic 8: My favourite season (пишут самостоятельно с опорой на текст)
1. What seasons there are in a year
2. What your favourite season
Topic 9:  About myself (пишут самостоятельно по плану)
  1. Name, age
  2. Family
  3. Pets
  4. Friends

Dialogue 1: Family ex.8 p.8
  • about the size of the family
  • about mother and father’s names
  • about their jobs
  • about sisters, brothers and their names
Dialogue 2: Toys ex.8 p.18
  • about toys you have got
  • about balls
  • with whom you like to play
Dialogue 3: My friend ex.7 p.39
  • about friends you have got
  • about things you like to do with your friends
  • about best friend
Dialogue 4: Food ex.10 p.65
  • about food you like
  • about food you don’t like
  • about drinks
Dialogue 5: My birthday ex.8 p.31
  • about your age
  • about birthday party
  • about presents
Dialogue 6: Pets ex.9 p.109

  • about age, name
  • what your pet can do
  • what your pet likes to eat and to drink

Irregular verbs - кластер
Irregular verbs - learning apps
Irregular verbs - тест 1
Irregular verbs - тест 2

Test: "My family"
Части тела - кластер
Numbers (mind map)
Numbers (тренировочный тест)


Игра "Clothes" learning apps - проверь себя, знаешь ли ты слова по теме "Одежда"
Игра "Clothes" learning apps - проверь себя, знаешь ли ты слова по теме "Одежда"
Игра "Clothes" learning apps -  проверь себя, знаешь ли ты слова по теме "Одежда"

Игра "Seasons" learning appsпроверь себя, знаешь ли ты слова по теме "Месяца"
English Year. Months of the year - learning apps

Past, Present, and Future Tense

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