8 класс

Exam topics
1. Computers (Internet)
  • about the role of Mass Media in our life;
  • advantages and disadvantages of TV;
  • why the Internet is iso popular nowadays;
  • if there are any drawbacks of using the Internet;
  • the sources of getting information you use to be well-informed, why;
  • if you are a good user of a computer and the Internet, why.

Computers (Internet) совместная презентация, 2013

2. Massmedia

Massmedia  Совместная презентация учащихся 8 классов, 2013

3. Money matters

Money - совместная презентация 8 класса, 2013

4. Eating habits
1. What types of food you know
2. What you mean when you say "healthy eating"
3. What your attitude to genetically modified food
4. Which type of food you prefer: organic or GM food
5. How eating habits have changed in Russia over the years
6. About your personal eating habits
Food - совместная презентация, 2013

5. Celebrations
1. Why celebrations are important in our daily life
2. If there are any holidays common for different countries of the world, give your reasons
3. Which festivals of English-speaking countries seem important to you, why
4. In which social events person participates and what ways of celebrating them
5. Which traditions and celebrations are important in your family
6. Which festivals of Russia are important

6. Price of fame
2. What disadvantages of being famous
3. If celebrities can influence people and the world
4. What Nobel Prize winners of the world you know
5.Why people would like to become famous
6.If you would like to become famous
Совместная презентация учащихся по теме, 2013

7. British character
1. What  your  srtereotypes of the British  are.
2. How  you can describe British character.
3. How the British prefer to spend  their free time.
4. What British personalities  you admire, why.
5. If the British are modern  or conservative, why.
6. If you would like to go to Britain,  give your reasons.

On-line совместная презентация, 2016 8А, 8В

On-line совместная презентация, 2013
Pasttime: Vova P., 8B
How the British prefer to spend  their free time. Max Bagranov, 8B
Stereotypes: Nasty M., 8V

8. Speak on the topic "English-speaking Countries"
Remember to say:
· what English-speaking countries you know;
· about the geographical position of New Zealand;
· about population and main cities of New Zealand;
· about the national symbols of New Zealand;
· why wildlife of New Zealand can be called unusual and unique;
 what places of the county seem the most attractive to you, give your reasons

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