9 класс

ученикам 9 класса

Exam Topics the 9th Form

  1. Give a 2-minute talk on the topic The English-Speaking World.
Remember to say about:
  • the reasons to study foreign languages;
  • the ways to learn a foreign language;
  • the difficulties in learning English for you and how you cope with them; what you did to prepare for your English exam
  • how people can improve their language skills;
  • what foreign languages you would like to learn and why.

  1. Give a 2-minute talk on the topic Leisure and Sports Activities. Презентация
Remember to say about:
  • different kinds of sport (including extreme sports; at school);
  • famous sportsmen and their achievements (the Olympic champions);
  • what sports you do and why;
  • the kinds of arts and your favourite ones (popular music, performances (theatre, dance), painting);
  • what you do in your free time, why.

  1. Give a 2-minute talk on the topic Books.
Remember to say about:
  • the role of books in your life;
  • different kinds of books you know;
  • the last book you’ve read;
  • the kinds of books people read: e-books and printed, why ;
  • whether libraries are necessary nowadays or not, and why (+kinds);
  • kinds of films you like watching; your favourite film and why;
  • the last film you’ve watched.

  1. Give a 2-minute talk on the topic Travelling.
Remember to say about:
1. the reasons for travelling; why most people like travelling ;
2. different kinds of transport; what means of transport is the best for travelling, in your view.
3. what people like doing while travelling;
4. popular tourist attractions in Russia; what places in Russia you would like to visit;
5. popular tourist attractions in your region;
6. whether it is easier to travel nowadays than centuries ago, and why;
7. what country or continent you would like to visit, why
Adj for the topic
  1. Give a 2-minute talk on the topic Mass Media.
Remember to say about:
  1. the role of Mass Media in our life;
  2. pluses and minuses of the Internet;
  3. positive and negative sides of TV;
  4. advantages and disadvantages of radio;
  5. benefits and drawbacks of newspapers;
  6. your favourite TV programme, why;
  7. if radio and newspapers are still popular, why.
  1. Give a 2-minute talk on the topic Ecological Issues.
Remember to say about:
  • what ecological problems you know and how they are caused;
  • the ecological problems in your region;
  • what consequences of environmental pollution in your region are;
  • what species of flora and fauna are endangered in Russia and why (the reserves of Russia you know);
  • what people must do to prevent the destruction of nature (alternative sources of energy, the shaping of public opinion, peaceful actions, the Earth Hour, personal contribution);
  • what teens can do to help the environment.

  1. Give a 2-minute talk on the topic Being a Teenager.
Remember to say about:

8. Give a 2-minute talk on the topic Personality.
Remember to say about:
  • whether you have a lot of free time, and why, or why not; 
  • what you enjoy doing in your free time; 
  • what your Sunday afternoons are like; 
  • what your favourite public holiday is, and why you like it 
  • how you celebrate your favourite holiday; 
  • what you usually do when it is nasty and cold
Remember to say about:
  • your reasons to go to school;
  • your school (classrooms, facilities, school rules, after-school activities);
  • your typical school day;
  • different school subjects and your favourite ones;
  • pluses and minuses of wearing a school uniform;
  • what you know about school exchange programmes.

  1. Give a 2-minute talk on the topic Future Career.
Remember to say about:
  • what job you would like to do in the future, explain your choice
  • what two subjects you think are the most important for your future job, and why;
  • whether your family approve of your career choice or not.
  • what job and education opportunities young people have after finishing the 9th form
  • what advice your parents have given you about your career choice
  • what jobs, in your opinion, will be popular in the future, and why
  • what school subjects will be important for your future job
Give a 2-minute talk on the topic Innovations.
Remember to say about:
  • the importance of technologies in our life;
  • what invention you think is the most useful, why;
  • modern technologies/inventions and how you use them (robots, transport, household work, medicine, entertainment).

12. Give a 2-minute talk on the topic Russia.

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