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"Shops and Shopping" 5 класс

                           Shops and Shopping

Shopping is a part of our life whether we like it or not. Many people, especially women, like doing shopping. Some people don't but they have to do it when they need to buy something. There are different shops in our city. What about you?
1. Where do you usually go to buy things?
2. What can you buy there?
For the students of the 5A 2015

The best work 2014:
2. Dan and GlebMedia Markt.
3. Sonya and Ann - New Yorker  
4. Liza and NastyaO’KEY
5. Arseniy -  Sportmaster                             6. Ann and Nasty -  LENTA
7. Lera and Asya -   IKEA               8. SnezhanaLouis Vuitton
9. Max and Tim - Fishman Market             10. Sergey - Armany shop

Take a prize: "Shopping Quiz"
Word List: "Shopping"

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